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The present time is the time of science and it should be said in short that if modern human life is incomplete without science, then there will be no enhancement. At Shiva Astro sutras, Acharya Pradeep with his years of experience offers provides best Online Astrology Service to you.

What is Astrology?

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Astrology is the subject in which all aspects of life are covered, from the person’s birth to death, such as the personality of the person or person, Healthy condition, provable or incurable childhood, happy or traumatic, early education, secondary education, higher education and modern technical education, marriage type love marriage or arranged marriage, married life status, number of children, child happiness, incompetence or impotence in children, details of social environment, obstacles coming in life, diseases, house pleasures, vehicle comforts and other topics, even astrology tells in which world a person will go after death. According to the twelve horoscopes and Navagrahas of the horoscope on the above subjects, the problem is diagnosed and resolved.

Why do we need Astrology (Benefits)?

Human nature has always been curious from the beginning, as a result of this curiosity, the ancient man first tried to know the five elements Earth, water, fire, sky and air on human and human lifestyles. And also tried to find out the causes of events like tide ebb, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, sun rise in the morning, sun set in the evening, sunrise again on the second day and moon rise after sunset in the evening, moon sighting after a few days, moon disappearing in the sky after a few days, different types of stars flickering in the sky, some independent Stars, stars in some groups, many star groups disappearing and reappearing after a particular interval, these were some of the many unresolved questions that ancient wisdom creatures tried to find answers without the help of binoculars.

 It is believed that in the past there were twenty-seven days in the name of Nakshatras instead of seven days, like the first Ashwani day, the second Bharani day, the third Kritika day, thus the names of the remaining twenty-seven days respectively. After the discovery of twenty-seven constellations, the twelve zodiac signs i.e, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces and the seven planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Guru, Venus were discovered, studied the effect of invisible rays of planets like Saturn on human life.


Thus, in astrology, the study of twenty-seven constellations, twelve zodiac signs and new planets on the living beings on the earth (especially on human beings), respectively, led to the discovery of astrology.

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Muhurat in Astrology

Muhurta in astrology is also very important subject such as Muhurta related to child birth and Muhurta of sixteen sanskaras, Muhurta related to marriage work, Muhurta related to house building and Vastu Muhurta related to business and Muhurta related to Rajkarya and others. The description of Muhurta is described in astrology. But the use of Muhurta is selected according to the circumstances of the astrologer and the follower according to their own circumstances and not according to the rules of astrology.

Medical Astrology, one of the Best Astrology

Wellbeing is prosperity. Cash can make things when one wants; yet God can offer everything if one needs it, as per one’s Karma done in the past birth. God may favor one with wealth, and yet the person may need to endure any of the hopeless, persistent and accursed diseases as per his fate. Consequently, the best issue which is to be looked by people are upkeep of good wellbeing. To have invulnerability and opposition against irresistible illnesses, and a specific solution for the sickness from which one suffers, one consults the doctor.

Astrologers believe that a doctor can securely manage medication on the off chance that he is familiar with astrology. This implies that, in absence of astrological information to begin with, the doctor has to continue exclusively by experimentation strategies and apply cures by dependable guideline till he had killed numerous diseases. However, if he had knowledge of Astrology, he can find the part of the body influenced, recognize the illness and select the perfect time for treatment. This will bring great name, fame and popularity to the doctor and furthermore reestablish the patient to ordinary wellbeing.

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However, in the event that a doctor knows Astrology and Medication adequately well, he will end up being a truly fruitful professional. Medical Astrology is bit complex because it requires a lot of time and ideas to treat someone properly but some astrologers use shortcuts to speed up the process and this thing has debased the original process.

Astrologers just gives the information, where the native acquires mental strength. Essentially, the astrologers by their prediction can give the information on the dark future. Astrology is particularly awesome science which, when polished appropriately, gives great wellbeing, reduce hospital expense, expands life span and limits mortality.

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